Volunteering at Midsummer Fiesta

Volunteering at the Fiesta is a really fun way to spend a Saturday! Where possible we ensure that volunteers are in pairs and that tasks are mixed up to make the day as enjoyable as possible. We will keep you fed and watered and make sure there are opportunities for breaks and enjoy the fiesta. All volunteers will be given a t-shirt to wear on the day.

Volunteering Form
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On the day some of the roles will include; 

Setting up and clearing away great if you like physical activities and are free in the morning or mid evening. This role is suitable for people who are well organised and can take the initiative to get things sorted.

Car parking this is a very important role as without good management chaos will ensue! If you are good at keeping order, thinking methodically and being organised then this is your area! Car park volunteers will help all the market place traders get in and out safely and make sure there is space for everyone with a parking pass and that those without make their own arrangements.

Meet and greet / evaluation volunteers patrolling the entrances you will welcome people to the event and point them in the direction of attractions as needed. Each year we do an evaluation survey (disguised as a prize draw) so we can measure the success and help get funding and support for the next year. The short surveys once completed will enter the person into a draw to win a fabulous prize. This is great for anyone who enjoys a good chat and meeting new people.

Litter picking do you enjoy a methodical task? Time flies when you are busy and litter picking is a great role for this! Everyone will have a bit to do and it’s a great opportunity to enjoy some of the performances and displays as you go.

The children’s village Bouncy castles, sporting events and lots for children to do! 

Site entrance and exits these roles are suitable for people who enjoy keeping order!


Thank you for volunteering!

If you would like more information about volunteering, please contact    volunteering@midsummerfiesta.com

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